Customer Service Consulting

TC LAB offers Customer Service Consulting to partners in the entire area of operation.

On the back of our long and robust experiences in customer service industry, TC LAB will detect areas of inefficient processes or operations where improvement or change of processes are required and propose innovative improvements in partners' daily operations.

Both our partners and their customers can leave frustrations behind with our revolutionary solutions.

  • Repair process analysis & proposal of improvement
    - Onsite(In-home) service process consulting
    - Walk-in(Carry-in) service process consulting
    - Depot(Pick-up) service process consulting
  • Service tracking process analysis and it’s upgrading
    - Proactive follow-up to avoid the delays
    - Immediate supports on the delayed tickets
    - Preventive actions through the case study & internal training
    - Set up daily dashboard for close monitoring
  • Voice of Customer
    - VOC escalation process analysis and set up a new standard
    - VOC handling case study and proposal of improvement
  • Service Parts
    - Forecasting for new model(parts) and fast/slow moving parts
    - Optimum management of parts Inventory
    - Improvement of warehouse operation
  • Operation cost optimization
    - Analysis of partner operation and redefine R&R between teams
    - Proposal of new processes based on new R&R, etc.

Service Partner Operation

Service Partner Operation

** This service is currently available in Thailand Only